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Consider These 4 Things When Choosing a Normandy Park Pediatric Dentist

According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, a child should visit a dentist before their first birthday. With this in mind, the search for the highly trained Normandy Park pediatric dentist should start early. Sunrise Dental specializes in this form of dentistry and welcomes you to experience the difference that continuous training and a passion for treating children provides.
Our pediatric dentists are trained to make your child’s dental experience fun, friendly and as unintimidating as possible, avoiding the use of words such as injection, needles and drills.

Special training

The Sunrise Dental team of dentists is specially trained to protect the oral health of a child and they have received an additional 2 to 3 years of training, along with the standard 4 years of dental school. The specialty training teaches our pediatric dental team to deal with children's behaviors and make them feel more comfortable in order to create a pleasant experience. Our team also has additional qualifications and training for treating special needs children.

Welcoming environment

Fear of visiting the dentist is very common, especially among small children. One of the key responsibilities of a Normandy Park pediatric dentist is to create a fun and welcoming clinic environment. The offices should be pleasant and aim to provide a stress free experience. The team should use positive language in all situations.

At Sunrise Dental of Kent, we work hard to build trust with your child and establish good communication. At times this means using funny voices or funny nonverbal expressions. A good pediatric dentist will do everything in their power to keep your child comfortable and at ease.

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Preventive approach

Kids’ teeth are more prone to decay. The pediatric dentist you choose should take a preventative approach in order to prevent future dental problems and should be able to recognize dental issues before they become problematic. Common preventative dentistry approaches include the use of dental sealant and fluoride treatment.

Are you treated like family?

For the best experience in pediatric dentistry, you need to build trust with your chosen dental provider. The dental clinic that strives to build lasting relationships with you and your family is one that recognizes its important role in the lives of its clients and the community as a whole.

At Sunrise Dental we always go above and beyond to provide your child with the highest quality dental treatments and the best experience possible. This is why we are the most highly recommended Normandy Park pediatric dentist. We care about the oral health of your child and work hard to instill positive, healthy dental habits early to help achieve a lifelong bright smile. Our pediatric dental services are based on the age of your child and comfort level. You can schedule a visit with us for X-rays, complete oral exams, cleaning, dental sealants, orthodontic assessment, and a range of other dental services. Sunrise Dental of Kent wants to be the dental clinic you can count on for your family dentistry needs.

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